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PSYCHIC MIRRORS - Midnight Special | Modern Boogie (2013)

Anonymous asked: What's the most romantic thing someone could do for you?

Just tell me they cared. 

TMI Tuuuuuesday.


Pierre Boulez - Piano Sonata No. 2 - I. Extrêmement rapide

I can see how this works as a musical piece. It still sounds like free form jazz to me. Weird.


Sleepy pie

Mat Zo & Porter Robinson - Easy

I’m just looking for an excuse to post this video. 


Pretty much decided I’m going to remix this as a nu disco track. Also, what is it with 70’s anime openings and dramatic male vocalists?

Hey some nice anon sent me the soundtrack. With this and the Porter Robinson tickets that arrived today, this week is shaping up to be good. 


Bunnies Get Close to the Camera to Make It Easier to Document Their Cuteness
Thanks, Steph and bunnies Stew (brown) and Dusty (gray/white)! More at today’s Daily Bunny post!


DJ Khalil Boiler Room London DJ Set