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I’m at 80% today. The only thing I’m annoyed about is that its rainy outside.


(I Guess I am a Model Now by Oniendra)


Fun “Pulse Fighter” music video ⊟

Whoa, this is really great! I wish Kumazon (Amazon.com for Bears?) was real. The music is all from Japanese chiptune artist Toriena, and the visuals are courtesy of m7kenji. Toriena just put out an album with Madmilky Records called A.I. Complex — you can preview it here. A digital download version of the album is coming soon.

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Bunny Relaxes in the Grass and Feels the Breeze in Her Fur
Thanks, Sia-sofie and bunny Savannah!
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Yellow Magic Orchestra · Solid State Survivor
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I just made several more tie dye shirts. .-.

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Shell of Light
Burial · Untrue
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Burial - “Shell of Light”


HEDGEHOG JAZZ. (by @hedgehogdays)